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cheated except by himself, a parents or a teacher. learn to spell and learn to lose graciously. >> randy says the topiling. he obviously knew the answer. thank you so much to everyone who responded. >> thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> good morning everybody. it's monday, august 5. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you had a fantastic weekend and you're going to have a great week ahead. fox news alert. 19 embassies will stay closed after a worldwide terrorist threat officials say is the scariest since 9/11. the newest information we have coming straight from al qaeda. >>steve: new details on a disturbing story. we may know why a driver appeared to deliberately plow their car into a crowd of people on one of the country's busiest sidewalks killing a newly wed bride on her honeymoon. details ahead.
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>> shocking video shows a bus driver flung from a side window. a crash. and guess what happens to him? a miracle. a story you can't miss. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: w*e seen pret -- we've seen pretty crazy points of views from inside cars but that was some of the craziest i've seen. it almost looks like the guy is in an airplane and he's sucked out through the window. my goodness. >>gretchen: i hope he's okay after we're showing that. but we will get to that. tucker is here for brian hood. welcome. we have carlton squared today. it continues with doocy on the right. let's do headlines.
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people on high alert in a louisiana town. a train carrying a hazardous material derailed forcing the evacuation of hundreds of homes. a car leaking a chemical which can cause death. so farther not picking up traces of the chemical in the air. an arrest is made at the hit-and-run on a venice boardwalk. details show the suspect getting into his car and taking off. another camera catches the car speeding through the crowd and people jumping to get out of the way. the suspect turned himself in two hours later. he's charged with suspicion of murder being held on $1 million bail. his motive is unclear but witnesses say he was driving to kill. >> i looked down and i see this car driving through like there is a girl latched on to the hood of the car, and he's swerving and he knocks the girl off of the car, and then he's just like running into crowds of hundreds of
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people and going out of his way to hit people. >>gretchen: the person killed in the incident, a honeymooner from italy, a 32-year-old woman married last month. her husband suffered minor injuries. she's accused of plotting to kill two of her ex-boyfriends and this morning a college student back in court. police say barbara wu asked two of her ex-boyfriends to kill them in a murder for hire plot. the 22-year-old allegedly went on a rampage of revenge after both broke up with her. rockin' out for a good cause in minneapolis. >> are you ready? >>gretchen: lieutenant dan band playing a special concert to help raise money for funds for wounded veterans like corporal mark litinsky. he lost his limbs in a blast in afghanistan. >> you speak to gary, you
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know it is completely genuine. he just wants to help. >> we want them to pursue their happiness like everybody else. and they sacrifice so that we can do that. >>gretchen: fantastic. litynsky will break ground on the home this fall. >>steve: new information on the terror threat that has u.s. embassies staying closed for another week. new details on the intel. >> good morning. embassies and consolates in 19 cities across the middle east and north africa will remain closed until this coming saturday as a precaution in the face of the most serious terrorist threat in many years. 22 embassies were closed yesterday and most will remain closed while a hand full of others will reopen for business this morning. all this the result of increased chatter among terrorist cells, the type of chatter and the level of
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chatter we heard before 9/11 is being picked up by intelligence analysts. the president has been getting regular updates as the embassies were under heavy guard yesterday. sources tell fox news al qaeda is planning something big with a public relations plan to maximize the impact after the fact. they also say there's concern about a surgically implanted device possibly being used and they say this is not a dress rehearsal as some other white house warnings have been in the past. there is no specific word on the method of this planned attack or the exact target, but authorities on high alert this morning. back to you, guys. >>steve: thank you very much. the embassy closings were supposed to be one day but now it's the rest of the we can. initially it was thought any sort of attack would have occurred on sunday and now the feeling is because we put the word out there that there was something up, maybe they changed their plan. that's why it's going for another week just in case. >>gretchen: i think everyone agrees this is probably a pretty serious
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warning. they're talking about bombs inside bodies that can go through any kind of security channels, the most serious threat since 9/11 in over a decade, being labeled as a major attack. people on the inside or on intelligence committees are saying they have not had this kind of intel recently but of course we're remembering back to benghazi as well, and that was on 9/11 of last year. so is this, you know, extra added protection because they don't want another benghazi situation? >>tucker: the scope of this has increased, the number of embassies and consolates has risen to about 28. if you look at a map it gives you a sense of the global reach of al qaeda going all the way done to madagascar all the way to asia, benning tkerb on the right. -- benning la tkerb on the right. that's most of the world. >>steve: some are wondering is most of this chatter going on right now because of these jailbreaks in the past few weeks.
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500 a lot of al qaeda guys were sprung from abu ghraib. then there was a prison break on the outskirts of benghazi, there was another break in syria. now interpol is issuing a warning to be on the lookout. they want to know if the jail breaks are coordinated. keep in mind al zawahari has been beating the drum let's do our best for retail education of the drones. -- retaliation of the drones. >>gretchen: i think it emphasizes how difficult it is for the united states to have control of the situation where you can't control how easy it is to break out of prisons in other parts of the world. we release people from gitmo and give them back to these countries and they are supposed to put them in their prisons there but they don't really do that. it is an incredibly difficult task to monitor
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all these potential terrorists whether they are in prison or not. >>tucker: some of these prison breaks have been reportedly very sophisticated, not just guys with a file in a cake. these are armed attacks with r.p.g.'s, et cetera. it does make you wonder the kill of osama bin laden, a profound moral victory, didn't end the effectiveness of al qaeda. this is being manned by al zawahari who is at large. maybe we didn't end al qaeda by going -- >>steve: maybe we busted into the centralized al qaeda h.q. now it's fragmented all over. some are wondering whether or not you look at what happened in benghazi, where they killed four brave americans, clearly some sort of al qaeda-linked terror attack, and who's been held accountable.
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nobody. even though we knew, "the new york times" talked to some of the suspects and others have since then, we haven't done anything. now some are wondering is this a gross overreaction to some intel? susan rice, who is currently running the n.s.a., reportedly sees similarities trying to make sure this is not a repeat of what happened last year. here's lindsay graham and bill crystal. >> they are taking the right approach to this. benghazi was a complete failure. the threats were real there, reporting was real and we dropped the ball. we've learned from benghazi, thank god, and the administration is doing this right. a year ago the president said al qaeda is on the run, and now we seem to be on the run. i'm not criticizing the decision to close the embassies. that's probably the right thing to do for the sake of trying to save american lives, but it's a terrible thing. just a year ago boasting al qaeda is on the run and osama bin laden is dead.
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>>gretchen: what's missing today in that discussion? an election. that was the campaign rhetoric back then. and how do you feel about that now in the sense that al qaeda in many respects could be bigger and much worse than it was ten years ago today. here's president obama during the campaign. >> i said we'd refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9/11, and today al qaeda is on the run and osama bin laden is dead. >>steve: exactly. it was very catchy, a bumper sticker, but now fast forward, al qaeda on the run? we're on the run over there. >>tucker: you wonder if they're drawing the right lesson from benghazi. it seems to me the real lesson is don't lie and don't stage a cover up. don't staeupbl your policy based -- don't stage your policy based on the last war. >>steve: the thing about benghazi, it was in the midst of a campaign.
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it was two months until big vote. they wanted to make sure everybody felt everything was a. okay. things were not a-okay over there and today is exhibit a. >>gretchen: another big story? >>tucker: alex rodriguez is hours away from learning if he will be suspended for the upcoming season. he is still expected to be in the lineup for tonight's game against the chicago white sox. heather nauert is live with the latest. >> that is an interesting development about possibly playing this evening. an announcement from major league baseball expected at noon today and rodriguez will reportedly be suspended for the rest of the season and for all of next season for his alleged connection to a miami clinic that sold performance enhancing drugs. rodriguez stands to lose about $34 million in salary. his attorneys have said he will appeal any type of suspension. that appeals process can take a month and that is why he's on the docket to play tonight. that could allow him to
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further play throughout the season into september. a-rod could reportedly get a shorter penalty if he agrees to give up the right to file a grievance. barring any sort of agreement, rodriguez's appeal would be heard by a federal arbitrator. yankees manager says rodriguez is penciled in for the game tonight and that would be his first big appearance of the season. 13 other players also facing disciplinary charges for taking performance enhancing drugs. they could be banned for 50 games. a lot of players are expected to agree to the penalties and then starting them -- start to serve them immediately. the announcement from major league baseball coming about noon today. >>steve: it sound like a-rod is going to fight it. thank you for the live report. >>gretchen: shutting down embassies instead of taking a stand, is that the new
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american way? our next guest says al qaeda already thinks they've won. we'll talk to him about that. >>tucker: everybody has got a cell phone these days. even toddlers. but just how young is too young for a phone? we'll debate it. stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ all i need ♪ is a miracle ♪ there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
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hello? boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use pam, this is what you get. residue? i prefer food-based phantasm, food-tasm. poultry-geist works too if you used chicken. [ laughs ] resi-doodle-doo. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray can leave annoying residue. but pam leaves up to 99% less residue. pam helps you keep it off. >>gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. the state department will be extending 19 embassy closings due to the end of the week due to what key lawmakers call dangerous threats from al qaeda. >> there's been an awful lot of chatter. chatter means conversations among terrorists about the planning that's going on very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. this is the most serious threat that i've seen in the last several years. >>gretchen: should america take a stand or shut down? joining us is fox news
3:17 am
middle eastern terrorist expert. what do you make of this? i know it would take more than an idle threat to close this many embassies. >> i do. what we know is al qaeda from yemen and other spots have threatened individuals will blow up inside the embassy. we're not talking about an all-out attack from the outside by thousands of people, hundreds of people. in this case the best position would have been to say we're not receiving visitors and we are taking measures and also ask the armies and the security forces of these countries to create a perimeter of protection. the reason i'm saying this short of knowing very specifically what time and who and what manner they're going to attack the embassy, if we don't have this information, we don't have it. that's why we shut down 22 of those. this would be the best course. the reason is this is sending a message to al
3:18 am
qaeda and the other jihaddists they are winning. even if they don't attack they will get videos and messages we were able to shut down 22 embassies. >>gretchen: how does this work? europe is also in on this and agreed to shut down their embassies as well? is america the lead on this or how does it work? >> i think the united states is the lead because we have been the main target in this case and others as well. y that is involved with the united states in any battle, should it be in afghanistan or africa are targets. al-zawahiri made that statement a long time ago. we make a determination and our allies decide if they will go in. >>gretchen: a state department statement. this is a commitment to exercise caution and protect our employees and visitors to our facilities. what do you make of the fact that it seems to be at the same time we're hearing about these prison breaks of al qaeda members getting
3:19 am
out of prisons all across this same region of the world? >> two things. one, there is a regional coordination. if you have those actions taking place in iraq and in libya and before that in egypt and other countries as well, the conclusion is that al qaeda is coordinating on a regional scale. second, we're talking about hundreds of those jihaddists who are now free to rejoin the battle field. if 19 of them have done what they have done on 9/11, imagine what 500, 600 could do. >>gretchen: that's a scary way to leave it but we're going to leave it there. dr. walid phares, thank you for your expertise. a baby deer shot and killed in a military-style raid because a man didn't have proper permits? a man who joins us next with details he says the government doesn't want you to know. ♪
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>>gretchen: 22 minutes after the top of the headlines. equipment malfunction being investigated as the cause of a deadly skydiving accident in mississippi. an instructor and student made a jump saturday and disappeared. they were found hours later in a remote swamp. a new picture of n.s.a. leaker edward snowden leaving russia. he was granted temporary asylum and is leaving with other ex-patriots. this while president obama says he will not meet with russian president putin for
3:24 am
a one on one unless the situation changes. thoeup -- >>tucker: a scene out of a cops and robber movies. swat members stormed an animal shelter to shoot and kill gill -- giggles. >>steve: was it necessary to kill giggles or is this an example of excessive force in a government gone wild? ray shelby was taking care of giggles and witnessed the incident. he joins us live from chicago. good morning to you. >> good morning. >>steve: why did you have this white-tailed deer at the shelter? apparently you do need to have permits. otherwise it's illegal to keep him. >> a family from illinois brought the deer up because they were -- the deer had been in their backyard for like three days, and they didn't see the mother, so they knew we were there.
3:25 am
the shelter is on the border of illinois and wisconsin. so they brought the deer up and asked us if we could find a place for it. so the owner agreed to, which she did, the following day she immediately started calling wildlife preserves in illinois. it took quite some time. she had a hard time getting hold of them at first, but then she finally got a hold of one in champaign, illinois. >>tucker: i want to make sure i understand how this works. 13 members of the swat team showed wup guns. did you all resist at all? is there any reason they sent 13 armed men to kill a deer? >> well, originally there was like nine actual d.n.r.
3:26 am
agents and three or four deputy sherrifs with them, and they all -- i was working back in the -- i take care of the domestic animals there, the horses back in the barn area. and i was walking out of the barn area, and i looked over to the gate to the right, and there was three d.n.r. agents and one deposit -- and one deputy sherrif there. they said you've got to come with us. we have a break area up front by the caretaker's house. they let me up front to the break area and where everybody else was already there. they wouldn't let us use cell phones. they wouldn't let us talk to each other. >>steve: we understand they brought the deer out in a body bag, although the
3:27 am
deer was apparently alive and died later. there's a statement from the department of natural resources, she says our staff took every precaution to keep everyone safe as they executed the required search warrant. they kep the people safe. ray, is it of your opinion they were out to kill the deer? >> the sole purpose, when i got out to the break area, i saw the search warrant on the picnic table. then i knew what they were there for. >>tucker: ray, i'm sorry to cut you short. this is one of the most upsetting stories i've seen in a long time. to think giggles a threat to the state really disgusting. thank you for sharing what you saw. >>steve: should have been a better way. >>tucker: you think? >>steve: 27 minutes after the top of the hour. shocking video. the heart-stopping moment a bus driver gets sucked right out of the window.
3:28 am
there he goes. guess what happens to him? a miracle. the story you can't miss coming up next. >>tucker: congress patting itself on the back for lowering student loan rates but there are details they don't want you to know about. for example, what's in it for them. charles payne joins us with all the details. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm beth...
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axiron. >>gretchen: you know what they say? no matter how old you are, you should always challenge yourself. try something new. step out of the box a little. i had the opportunity to do that over the last couple of days when i went over to albuquerque, new mexico, and shot a movie. this is really tough, guys. it's totally different than doing "fox & friends." some people would be intimidated to be on our set, ad lib and do interviews, have to talk about political stuff and keep it in your head. when you have to memorize scripts, i can't tell you how difficult it was. i have newfound respect for my kids for their play lines in their church musicals and things like that. this movie is going to be called "persecuted. "it is a christian-based thriller. it involves also a murder and politics. james reamer in the scene. this is the writer, director and producer.
3:33 am
james reamer, you know him from django unchained. he is the main lead character in the scene where i interview him. it is at the beginning of the movie. it's a very heated kind of an interview and very, very difficult to try and pull this off. but a lot of fun. i want to say thank you so much to the crew for asking me to do this and for being a part of stepping out of the box and trying something new. this is inside the trailer where i put up pictures of my family as inspiration. this is what they give you. this is called the call sheet. you have to have like x-ray vision to read it. here's all the lines. this is my scene. and i was diana lucas. >>tucker: i can see that. >>steve: do one of the lines. >>gretchen: my gosh, i put them right out of my head after i memorized them. let me see. "so john, what is your opinion of the primary tenet of the faith and
3:34 am
fairness act." >>steve: fantastic. [applause] >>gretchen: it is really tough, i have to tell you. i have a newfound respect for people who do this on a daily base. >>steve: when can we see "persecuted"? >>gretchen: hopefully the premier in new york will be in january. also a premier in l.a. here is video behind the scenes. there will be a premier in albuquerque, new mexico, as well. albuquerque is the new hotbed for making films. they have a lot of tax benefits for encouraging tv and movie productions. thanks to everyone for helping me out. >>steve: 25 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday morning. we've got news for you. the uncle of former nfl star aaron hernandez killed in a moped crash. police say patrick valentine was not wearing a helmet when he hit a curb and was thrown off his bike. valentine is the second
3:35 am
relative of hernandez to die since the investigation against him started. he pleaded not guilty to the murder of odin lloyd. his next hearing is set for later this month. >>gretchen: he was set to die by lethal injection but three days before the date a death row inmate was found dead, hung himself inside his prison cell. the 44-year-old was given a death penalty for stabbing to death his neighbor in front of two young children in 1987. he was recently denied a retrial >>tucker: a terrifying crash caught on camera when a truck slams into a tourist bus. the impact of the crash was so strong, you saw the driver thrown out the window as the bus starts to roll down an embankment. the bus was reversing down a highway in china after missing an exit when a semitruck slammed into it from behind at high speed. the bus driver thrown out the window survived.
3:36 am
the truck driver died and 23 passengers were injured. >>gretchen: spectacular sight at an air show in wisconsin. >>gretchen: that's called being on queue. bombers hit that target. they were recreating the attack on pearl harbor. planes and pilots came from all over the world to take part. those are your headlines. >>steve: meanwhile, we are out on the streets of new york city to find outof a de here. >> today we're looking at more like fall-like weather across parts of the northeast and great lakes. temperatures a little bit on the cool side. widespread 60's. low 60's in cities like cleveland and chicago. let's look at weather conditions across the country. as far as rain goes, we are
3:37 am
expecting a lot of that across the center of the country and some of that rain can come in the form of strong to severe thunderstorms. we'll keep an eye on that anywhere from parts of montana, north dakota all the way down into sections of kansas. we had extreme weather in sections of kansas with up to six inches of rain. current temperatures in the 50's in chicago and cleveland. 62 now in new york city. across parts of texas, on the hot side, feeling very much like august out there. triple digits expected for san antonio and also in the city of dallas. 103 will be your high temperature. take a look at the extended temperature for dallas. more triple digit heat over the next several days. by tuesday 104. by wednesday 105 degrees. you add in humidity and it will feel even hotter than that. >>steve: thank you very much. live report on the weather. >>tucker: next time you write a check for your kid's college tuition, consider this.
3:38 am
by the end of the year the government will make a $51 billion profit off of middle-class families paying for higher education. >>gretchen: while the loan deal benefits washington, student loan debt tops $1 trillion. so how is it helping our kids. charles, i don't know if any of your kids are ready to go to college? i don't think so. they're teens. >> getting close. we visited a couple. >>gretchen: it's upon you. what do you make of this? >> this is an interesting thing because we spend a lot of time talking about obamacare and the medical industry. we're talking about $1 trillion, most of it now held by the federal government. we pushed all the private lenders out and the notion is that somehow the government, congress, particularly the president has been trying to help when in fact this has been a cash cow, a giant cash cow. think about this for a moment. all the ridicule that you see exxonmobil get or chevron, all the money they make and the little bit of taxes, this administration made more money from
3:39 am
student loans last year than exxonmobil made in the private market around the world selling gasoline. from student loans. put that in perspective, that is outrageous. >>steve: by the end of 2013, the federal government will make $51 billion off the backs of our students and their loans. if they took that $51 billion and zeroed it out, didn't make money on it, that would be $51 billion to help those kids go to college. >> or help them after khrepbl. maybe you want -- or help them after college. maybe you want to start a business. it is a farce, very expensive farce. that $184 billion at the bottom, that is from the loans made this year. that's off the interest of loans going to be made this year. we made $120 billion the last four years, at a minimum, this is amazing stuff. the private sector has been pushed out of this.
3:40 am
if you go back to 2005, student loans for kids, for people under 30 was around 15 grand. now the average is close to 22,000. that is out pacing inflation by -- >>tucker: and tuition, that is the point. once the government subsidizes colleges and universities, is there any incentive for them ever to lower tuition? >> when was the last time a college or one of these higher education facilities was criticized? when do they get the sort of scrutiny a private individual business, a plumber would get for trying to make money? when arethey the fat cats? >>tucker: those of us with kids hoping to get into college, we'll stay silent. >> you don't want to be blacklisted. >>gretchen: i want to congratulate charles. i have not had a chance to see him since he did his debut as a standup comic in that competition, the janice dean one for new
3:41 am
york reporters. he was second place. and you were fantastic. it took a tremendous amount of guts. he was first out of the block. charles payne made everyone laugh. >> they threw me out there first, but it was fun. >>gretchen: and you had a great opening line. good job. >> although the student loan thing will make you cry, that was fun. >>steve: thank you, sir. straight ahead, should toddlers be using technology? we're talking toddlers. >> you saw me buy stock. no big deal. >>steve: okay but that's a really smart kid. we love that commercial. how young is too young? parents in a fair and balanced debate coming up. at what age should they have a phone? >>gretchen: remember when democrats couldn't stop talking about g.o.p.'s where are women? we'll have that.
3:42 am
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>>steve: a quarter before the top of the hour. quick headlines from "fox & friends." a trial date set for sally struthers. she will set to court september 23 to face a d.u.i. charge. the actress was arrested in maine last fall. piglets running loose on a road in china. keeping cops running in circles. a truck carrying several dozen of them overturned. they went running. the road had to be shut down until the pigs were put back in their pigpen. gretch, over to you and tucker. >>gretchen: remember when democrats were talking about the war on women? >> i think the war on women is real. look, it is going to intensify. >> other republicans as i understand it who are running represent that
3:46 am
right wing that declared war on women's health. >> attacks on women, their access to health care, even contraception. >> their desperate fear about what is happening with this war on women that they started. there is a war on women. >>tucker: all of that hysteria was in response to a single comment from a radio show host but now some democrats appear to be waging an actual war on actual women. democrats like anthony weiner, eliott spitzer and the mayor of san diego. now that it's one of their own, our next guest says democratic party leaders are strangely silent. joining us our old friend and author of the upcoming book "emily gets her gun," emily miller joins us from washington. it does seem like when there are actual women being hurt by actual democrats, the democratic leadership says nothing. how do they get away with that? >> they're not getting away
3:47 am
with is it. every day in the white house briefings they are being asked what is the white house think? anthony weiner, and the white house doesn't have an opinion. or they ask debbie wasserman schultz, chairman of the democratic party and a woman, and she doesn't have an opinion. it took debbie wasserman schultz a full month to say bob philner, mayor of san diego, a gropeer and is literally sticking his hands down the shirts and pants of women who work for him to say he should resign. he's going to sex rehab which i don't believe will help, for two weeks for not giving up his mayoral job. supposedly that is going to cure him. >>gretchen: some of the campaign people i think within the anthony weiner campaign, even a woman staffer was saying
3:48 am
derogatoryry things about some of the women he was sexting which i think takes it to a new level. >> actually that woman, his spokeswoman unbelievably was talking about an intern. an intern wrote in "the new york daily news" it was a terrible experience working for this campaign. weiner started calling all the female interns monica. it goes to show you -- she wrote a story in "the new york daily news" about her experience. his spokesman called her the most horrible names and i know you guys will bleep me if i say it on television. he called her a slut bag. it is outrageous the way they treat women in these campaigns. yet you don't hear anything from the democratic leadership. thoeup here is the breakdown -- >>tucker: here is the breakdown. people who support
3:49 am
subsidized legal abortions are for women and people who oppose it hate women. that seems like the only issue that matters to the left running the democratic party. >> you know what? they're really on the wrong side of it. the one policy issue up for debate this year is whether we should allow abortions after 20 weeks, which is when the fetus feels the pain of the procedure. that will easily pass the house this year and is up in the senate. harry reid is tkpwog to do everything he can -- harry reid is going to do everything he can to avoid a vote on it. women know this is a baby and why should this be aborted? >>gretchen: very good to get your opinion on this. very straightforward coming from emily miller. we like it a lot. thanks so much, emily. have a great day. did you know everyone has a smart phone these days? what about toddlers? have you ever watched them. they know how to swipe that thing open better than adults.
3:50 am
we're going to debate whether that is too young. >> they never stop yapping with their friend. then a 12-year-old jeopardy contestant crying foul. he says alex trebek cheated him out of 3 grand. him out of 3 grand. say it why let constipation weigh you down?
3:51 am
3:52 am
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3:53 am
>> steve: shocking new statistics about the number of two-year-olds with smart phones. a new study shows 25% of kids two and under own one. under two. are they too young for technology? here to debate it is hayden
3:54 am
lynch and syndicated columnist and author, betsy heart, joins us from chicago good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: hayden, the statistic is jaw dropping. 25% of the kids two and under have a smart phone. you're okay with that. >> yeah. a smart phone is an incredibly powerful tool and to oversimplify it and say they're bad and vilify them is to say all computers are bad or all tv's are bad. it's in how you use it. >> steve: betsy, you don't think this is a very smart idea at some point regarding the smart phone. why? >> well, it's actually less about the technology itself for me than it is to say that i think we're seeing a lot of parents who just are terrified of their children being bored for a little while and being forced to make their own fun and occupy themselves and just sort of say hey, i canothe s what it's called. so many parents are terrified of kids who say, mom, i need your attention. and we parents don't want to say, honey, go entertain
3:55 am
yourself. that's the big problem i see here. it's not just the technology. my kids are older. they all have smart phones. i think we're great. but i think it's how we use them and parent with them. >> steve: that's good point. none of my kids got phones until they were junior high. what about the fact -- betsy kind of alludes to this -- a lot of parents out there who these days, unfortunately, they give a smart phone to a kid much as parents of years gone by would just plop their kids in front of the television to act as a baby-sitter. who knows what trouble they could get in on a smart phone now. >> that is very true. a lot of studies have shown you don't want the children to be passive receivers of information. so you don't just want to give them a smart phone with a video on it. give them something intertake that involves their hands and interactive. studies have proven that children who use smart phones ps
3:56 am
with app with two-way flow of information can benefit from that. to the second point, you are really have to be safe as a parent. make sure you have the cellular service turned off on the smart phone. a gps tracker can be a beneficial thing. some parents might want that. but you have to be smart. >> steve: and betsy, i'll give you the final word. what age should a child get a smart phone? >> when they can wisely handle it and when you have demonstration that they can talk and walk at the same time, which a lot of two-year-olds can't. give them a puzzle, let them go entertain themselves. let them learn those skills first and add the cell phone later. >> steve: all right. great debate. we thank you both for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> steve: what do you think about that? at what age should a kid get a smart phone? e-mail us. donald trump on our lead story. instead of shutting down embassy, should we be send not guilty reinforcements instead? what's going on? if you haven't heard of them, you will. simon cowell put they will
3:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's monday, august 5. i'm gretchen carlson. fox news alert. big news, it's not overment the world wide terror threat and warning just extended. look at that map. lawmakers calling it the most serious threat we've seen in a decade. we'll tell you what we know about the details of all those embassy closures live from washington. >> tucker: so much for civility. top democrat charlie rangel going on a racist rant, calling tea partiers white crackers and crackers. donald trump here with some advice. >> steve: and how many of you have a picture of the best
4:01 am
moment of your life? that question and this picture inspiring thousands this morning. the amazing pictures you sent us coming up this hour. "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now. ♪ >> gretchen: speak of smart phones, check out those teenage girls. they got it going on. they are all part of fifth harmony. that's the group that simon cowell put together from his hit show "the x factor." itch think they originally auditioned as soloist and he put them together as the group and people are saying they are the
4:02 am
next big thing. they'll be performing for us coming up. we'll speak with them in about 20 minutes. >> steve: that's right. this is a surprise. to mark their one year anniversary of getting together, they're doing five pop-up shows here in new york city and this is the first of the pop-up shows. stand by. we'll try to? le what's a pop up show? >> steve: they pop up at places and do a show. >> tucker: that's pretty cool. >> gretchen: it evolved. that was back in our generation. the pop-up books are pop-up concerts. i understand they did one in orlando, they got 2500 people just when they decided to pop. >> steve: yeah. apparently what will happen is if you have your smart phone, toddlers, they will announce where they're going to be on twitter. >> tucker: amazing. >> steve: their handle on twitter when we talk to them in 20 minutes. they're great. they're on the radio all the time. you'll be entertained. >> gretchen: we got to do headlines. video in from louisiana where a train carrying hazardous
4:03 am
material derailed, forcing the evacuation of nearly 100 homes. a rail car leaking sodium hydroxide which can cause injuries and death. governor bobby jindal raced to the scene. >> right now the evacuation remains in place. we'll do escorted entries where they'll help people go back if they left behind animals or prescriptions. >> gretchen: so far the leak is small. air pollution detectors are not picking up traces of the chemical in the air there. while you were sleeping, an arrest made in that hit and run at the venice beach boardwalk that killed a new bride on her honeymoon. surveillance video shows the suspect getting into his car and taking off. another camera captures the car speeding through the crowd. the suspect turned himself in two hours later. he's charged with suspicion of murder. he's being held on $1 million bail. his motive is unclear, but witnesses say it looked like he was driving to kill. >> i looked down and i just see this car driving through like
4:04 am
there's a girl latched on to the hood of the car and he's swerving and he knocked the girl off of the car and then he's just like running into crowds of hundreds of people and going out of his way to hit people. >> gretchen: horrible. the person killed in the incident, honeymooner from italy. here she is, 32-year-old alice. she was just married last month. her husband suffered minor injuries. in a few hours, army private bradley manning returns to court. the government expected to present even more evidence that the classified documents he leaked damaged our relationship with other countries. he faces up to 136 years in prison for leaking thousands of classified diplomatic cables and reports about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it was electric and electic. cleveland browns fans got a taste of the upcoming season during family night. perhaps the biggest surprise was during the final play when the smallest recruit made his way on to the field. see if you can see him here.
4:05 am
the five-year-old celebrating two years in remission from lung cancer. watch as ryan goes on a touchdown run. he scores in front of 24 how fans. >> he got to meet a lot of the players. they signed a football for him. he even challenged some of the football players to race him that day. he got his workout in this practice in for that run. >> gretchen: fans calling it the most exciting play of the season. all right. those are your headlines. congratulations on that. >> steve: great the team would do that. now to our fox news alert that we've been following. sources say this is not a dress rehearsal. the terror threat to our u.s. embassies is real. steve centanni has more on what's happened. >> terrorist chatter reaching its highest level in the past decade, indicating al-qaeda is planning something big, something significant. not only that, but sources tell fox news al-qaeda appears to have a media plan in place to
4:06 am
maximize the public relations impact after any attack. members of congress have also been briefed. >> there has been an awful lot of chatter out there, chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. very reminiscents of what we saw pre-9-11. >> the state department has announced that 19 of the embassies and consulates shut down yesterday will remain closed through saturday out of an abundance of caution. the state department press release saying in part this is not an indication of a new threat stream. merely an indication of our commitment to exercise caution and take appropriate steps to protect our employees. sources tell fox news there is concern about a surgically implanted device, possibly being used in this attack and they say this is not a dress rehearsal as other white house warnings have been in the past. so far the president's actions have the support of his critics. >> it's clear that al-qaeda may
4:07 am
be more of a threat to us than they were before 9-11 now and we don't know exactly what all the intelligence is, but as you heard from a lot of the experts on both sides of the aisle in congress, there is a very real threat there. so i'm not questioning what he's doing. >> there is no word on the exact method of the planned attack or where it might take place. back to you, steve, gretchen and tucker. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. he alluded to the fear is that there could be a surgically implanted device and that is because al-qaeda the chief bomb make service still at large. donald trump is joining us live as he does every monday morning. we understand that the tsa is changing their techniques given the fact that somebody, one of these knit wit, might try to blow themselves up with a surgically implanted body bomb. >> well, we're living in very difficult times. there is no question about it. there is probably never been
4:08 am
any -- people are getting more and more sophisticated, thousands of people are out of jail that a few weeks ago were in jail. some of the worst criminals, some of the worst terrorists on the block have just escaped from prison. iraq lost 500 real bad terrorists. so i don't know what -- you look at what's going on of the we spend $1.5 trillion in iraq and they have a jail break. they let out worst of all. it's pretty sad commentary. there is no question about it. >> gretchen: what daubach of these embassy closings over the last couple of days? if you look at the map of it, as tucker pointed out earlier, this is like a huge chunk of the world that al-qaeda is infiltrating in. if they're this much of a danger, are they really on the run, as the president said so last year? >> well, they might have been on the run, but every week that you read when you hear about the jail breaks, which is really very disturbing to me and i know to you, i've been watching your show this morning, the jail break is just unbelievable.
4:09 am
you've had three or four jail breaks. they're being let out of prison. these are the bad ones. the really bad ones. it's a very serious situation. as far as closing the embassies, probably you have to do it. probably it's better to err on the side of caution. you could send military, but i look at your screen and i see so many places and there are those asking why do we even have embassies in certain of these places? we have no relationships with the people. we have no nothing. what do we have embassies? it's great way to give an ambassador a job, although i'm not so sure how many people want that particular ambassadorship. >> steve: not this week. >> tucker: do you think closing these embassies incite al-qaeda to further aggression? >> tucker, i don't know. i can't really say that. it's not a huge thing. i think it's an alert. it's a very important alert, but i think that probably we have no choice. we have to close them. you could send in military to
4:10 am
lots of different places and that would probably be okay, but that incites other problems. so closing them is probably fine. but look, it gets right down to the united states. we're not respected like we once were. >> steve: absolutely. speaking of international relation, how about this? the president of the united states is going to cancel his meeting at the g-20 summit with president putin over the head of russia, over the snowden thing because they gave him asylum for one year. now we're going to crack down by not having our president meet their leader. >> look, you have the united states run right now by leadership, let's say leadership that again is not respected. this is something that should have never happened. this is something that in the good old days we'd be getting back very quickly. snowden is a very bad guy. there is no question about it. he's caused tremendous problems for our country in terms of relationships with other countries, in terms of the
4:11 am
things that he's letting out. he is a very bad guy. he's a traitor. a traitor should be dealt with very, very sharply. now, if we don't do anything with snowden, you're going to have thousands of other people coming out, there is not going to be anything such as classified information anymore like the good old days. so snowden is a very bad person as far as this country is concerned. snowden is a traitor. russia should have given him back, if they respected our president, in they respected this country, he would have given him back very quickly. so what do we do? we say let's not meet anymore. not good. >> gretchen: let's move on to something else. char lea rangel from new york went on a racist rant last week when he was comparing the tea party to the term cracker, white cracker. here was the quote to the daily beast. it is the same group we faced in the south with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. they didn't care about how they
4:12 am
looked. it was fierce indifference to human life for america to say enough is enough. some people are saying why there isn't more outrage when he makes a comment like this. but if it is in reverse, there is outrage. your thoughts? >> i've grown up with him. i've been in new york for a long time. he's always been such a gentleman, such a nice guy as far as i was concerned and i'm surprised to see a statement like that. that's a rough statement. and not a good statement. and i wonder whether or not charlie is sorry he said it. maybe he's not sorry because there is a group of people that probably say that's wonderfuls. isn't that great? but i say this, if charlie or if whoever it was was a republican and they made that statement, they'd be resigning from office right now. >> steve: yeah. donald, you look at the stunning double standard. he is on the left and then couple of months ago you had the instance with paula deen where she said one word 30 years ago and she was crucified, lost her business deals. they took her to task. but charlie rangel gets a pass.
4:13 am
>> yeah. and nothing will happen toi see. if you're a republican, you make a statement like that, it's over. i mean, you are finished. if you're a conservative -- by the way, the further right you are, the worst it gets. so it's a very rough double standard. it's a very rough double standard. paula deen was absolutely crucified what they did with her. i don't know what even happened to her. i see everybody dropped her. she has really got some problems. amazing. >> tucker: they absolutely crushed her. charlie rangel, you could say, maybe he doesn't know what he's saying. but the people who demand the paula deens of the world be crushed and driven out of the public conversation, shouldn't they be forced to take a stand on this? where is obama in this? >> well, they're not going to take a stand and obama is going to take a pass and they're all going to take a pass and that's the way the country is right now. we have a very divided country and that's the way it is and get
4:14 am
used to it because it's not changing very fast. >> steve: get used to it. >> gretchen: we got to wrap it up. have a fantastic week. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> gretchen: more on shutting down ems basies coming up next hl back to the first, they're gonna do a lot of note-taking d note-passing. so make sure they've got a whole lot of paper. this week only, get filler paper for a penny. staples has it. staples. that was easy. with new all natural lean cuisine honestly good. it's frozen like you've never seen. they've stripped down to only natural ingredients. why? what were you thinking? new lean cuisine honestly good. in the natural frozen meals section.
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lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen for hand-written notes. just $199.99. hurry in, sale ends august 11th. getting the best back to school deals. that's powerful. verizon. >> steve: u.s. state department will be extending 19 embassy closures through the end of the week. initially it was just going to be one day in the wake of a new terror threat from al-qaeda. but does this reaction send the wrong signal? the white house national security team emboldening our enemy and making al-qaeda stronger perhaps? here to discuss, former c.i.a. operative, guy who headed up the bin laden unit, michael. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: fine. although this shut down is troubling. it seems so broad even though we have specific information supposedly. >> they must have some specific information. when you look at it, closing all
4:18 am
the embassies is really a panicky move. they're afraid of what's out there. they don't know what's out there. in part they don't know because obama and his lieutenants have shut off renditions, extradition, interrogations, and now kerry promises to stop the drones. they've deliberately and knowingly shut down the channels of information that help keep us safe before they came into power. >> steve: sure. and we've heard from this administration and their surrogate, oh, we decimated al-qaeda. maybe the leadership, but we fractionalized it and now it's spread all over the place. >> yes. and i think we have to give due credit to the c.i.a. and to the special forces for the enormously important job and successful job they did in south asia in pakistan and afghanistan. but as that was happening, bin laden disbursed his forces. now we face them in north africa. they're resurgence in iraq, me own parts of yemen. they are a growing concern across the world and it's
4:19 am
because we don't take them seriously and we still, after 13 years, don't have a clue about what motivates them. >> steve: yeah. we've got a graphic that shows the embassies that have been closed down in the past. june '99, question closed six. april 01, three temporarily closed. 2002, nine closed. it goes on and on. i understand you told one of our producers stupidity and wishful thinking of obama, rice, clinton and brennan encouraged islamists. how so? >> it's encouraged them because they have spoken of a movement that's growing and is faithful to its religion as a bunch of -- limbed bunch of kneelists and gangsters. the enemy knows what it is and it knows what it's about. no matter how much mr. obama says these people have nothing to do with islam, the truth is this is a very important movement within islam and it's a defensive movement. and they encourage -- just by
4:20 am
fact that obama seems to be ignorant of his enemy, that encourages the enemy because they have the leg up on him. >> steve: but the government is doing the right thing in closing some embassies, right? >> it's the only thing they can do. because we have utterly failed militarily against these people, except very significant technical successes against bin laden and their leadership. but in terms of strategy, if you look at the map today compared to 2001, the geographic dispersal and reach of the enemy and because of the arab spring, its reinforcements to veteran fighters, this is a very, very big problem and the president is leading us to hell by down playing the seriousness of it. >> steve: michael, always a pleasure. thank you very much for your perspective. >> thank you. >> steve: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. changing gears, a 12-year-old jeopardy contestant crying foul. he says alex trebek just cleated
4:21 am
him out of 3,000 bucks. plus, this singing group hand picked by simon cowell and if you haven't heard of them, you will. fifth harmony joins us live as we roll on live from new york city. good morning, girls !
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
>> tucker: time for news by the numbers. first, $400 million. that's the expected jackpot for wednesday's powerball jackpot drawing. the odds of winning, one in 175 million. next, $27.4 million. that's how two guns raked in to win the weekend box office. the action comedy stars denzel washington and mark walburg. finally, four. that's the age of the mayor of dorsett, minnesota. robert would bobby tufts was
4:25 am
reelected. he was three when first sworn i last year. it's a symbolic one. the town has no formal government. gretchen? >> gretchen: tucker, thanks so much. i'm outside on this beautiful day, look who you're looking at. this is called fifth harmony. [ cheering ] the fans have come out. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> gretchen: great to see you. i need to remember to put the microphone like this 'cause you're not miked up. you're getting ready to sing later on. you are the group that was put together by simon cowell from "the x factor." you all auditioned as solo acts first, right? >> yes. >> gretchen: tell me what happened after that. >> we auditioned as solo and then eliminated in the last round of boot camp and then simon and the judges brought us back to the stage and created fifth harmony. >> gretchen: let's introduce you. ike going to pass the mike down. >> okay. i'm lauren. >> hi, i'm camillea.
4:26 am
>> hello, i'm ali. >> hey, it's nermani. >> hi, dina jane. we're fifth harmony! [ cheering ] >> gretchen: i think they've done that before. >> yeah. >> gretchen: tell me what's so special about today, because you're doing these things called pop-up shows. what are you going to be doing? >> it is the fifth of august, so we're doing a celebration of being fifth harmony. >> all of the places that we're performing at, like sigh five madison. it's all 5. >> it's also or one year. so we're celebrating it. >> gretchen: so if people want to figure out where you're going to pop up, you give them clues and if so, how do you do it? >> twitter. >> twitter. >> gretchen: twitter and instagram. of course. i'm talking to the younger generation. you're going to perform at the teen choice awards? >> no, we're presenting.
4:27 am
>> gretchen: presenting. >> we could be like janitors. we don't even care. >> we just want to go. >> gretchen: you've been called sort of the next huge group for people to watch out for. how amazing is it to look at your life, like a year and a half ago, and look at it now? >> okay. it's completely changed, to be completely honest. i was at home. i was home schooled, just laying down in my bed, doing school on the computer. then like go to dance. it was pretty boring. but now it's like really awesome and it's a blessing to see like how our lives changed. i know. we gain like four other sisters and families. it's really a blessing. >> we get you guys. [ cheering ] >> gretchen: there is no rivalry amongst like who is saying that part or how many lines? >> no. no. >> we love each other so much and honestly, it's so special for us that we have such a great
4:28 am
friendship. it's like a sisterhood now. it's amazing. >> gretchen: fantastic. i know your fans are going to be psyched. coming up at the ends of the show, they're going to perform! [ cheering ] fifth harmony, stick around. we'll see you about an hour and 20 minutes from now. all right? let's head back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. straight ahead, alex rodriguez expected to learn his fate today. but even if he's banned for life, he may still be able to play tonight. what? we're live in chicago where he just landed. >> tucker: then ever heard of the faith? neither had we. this guy just won the right to where that on his head. the birth of a new world religion coming up (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade
4:29 am
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4:33 am
>> gretchen: we were inspired to do the same. we asked you at home to send in photos of your best moment and the response has been incredible. it's so tough if you think about your lives, like your marriage, your children. so many of these amazing events, how do you pick one? >> tucker: how many have been photographed? >> steve: right. andrea from florida sent this picture of her son with asbergers. now he's a senior at the university of south florida. that's fantastic. that's a great moment. >> tucker: lacey of georgia says the best moment of her daughter's life happened last week when she met st. louis cardinal catcher. >> gretchen: a baseball fan. our next one is one of our military families reunited after marine phil returned home from deployment. look at that beautiful shot. >> steve: from jennifer and her husband, getting engaged after his final flight.
4:34 am
>> gretchen: what a great photo. that looks like a movie shot. look at that. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: from karen, meeting steve doocy at the summer concert series. >> steve: she was here a while back and i signed that picture for her. >> tucker: i didn't want to be a fan, but i have a picture just like that with you, steve. i was going to put that up. >> gretchen: that was going to be your one moment? your wife and five kids are on the phone. >> tucker: on the show yesterday, our guest, this is the greatest book. >> steve: how do you boil it down to that moment? >> gretchen: send more into us. or twitter them to us as well. time for headlines. fox news alert, u.s. military helicopter crashes at a military back. flames could be seen. originally there was concern one of the crew members was miss o'clock, but fox news learned the crew member was taken to the hospital. three other people on board survived.
4:35 am
no word on anyone's condition. the hh 60 rescue chopper was on some sort of a training mission. >> tucker: the unclear aaron hernandez killed in a moped crash. police say patrick valentine was not wearing a helmet when he hit a curb and thrown off the bike. he is the second relative of hernandez to die since the investigation against him began. hernandez pleaded not guilty to the murder of odin lloyd. his hearing is set for later this month. >> steve: he was set to die by lethal injection. but three days before the date, a death row inmate was found dead. billy slayingle hung himself inside his prison cell. his execution was scheduled for wednesday. the 44 yearly was given the death penalty for stabbing to death his neighbor in front of two young kids back in 1987. he was recently denied a retrial. >> gretchen: have you heard this story? a jeopardy contestant says he
4:36 am
was cheated after he loses for a spelling mistake. >> because he misspelled it badly. he put a p in there, proclamation, that's unfortunate. the judges are ruling against you. >> gretchen: he ended up going home with a few thousand dollars. he had wagered 3,000 bucks. he thinks he deserves the dough. outraged fans taking to twitter to defend him. he said if jeopardy were to give credit for a minor slip, where do you stop it? >> tucker: good guy. i think he's being overly legalistic here. he's a bit of a pharisee. >> gretchen: you think the kid should get the money? >> steve: of course. he was so close. another big story today, could
4:37 am
yankee third baseman alex rodriguez be banned from baseball for using performance enhancing drugs? we are hours away from the ruling. reporter anita padilla is live in chicago where a rod landed. is he going to play? >> that is the question. we'll have to see what happens. of course, we haven't seen him yet here in chicago. i didn't see him land. but you know that all eyes, at least all of the cameras are going to be on him tonight. he wasn't talking about this after saturday's game in the minors with the trenton thunder. he wasn't talking about the ordeal on saturday night after the game in the minors. but surely it has got to be on his mind. how could in not be? major league baseball expected to announce the suspension of alex rodriguez and others at noon today eastern time. it is anticipated that he will appeal that ruling. if he does, he could continue to
4:38 am
play and delay the process until the end of the season. but it is anticipated he will be suspended through 2014. again, word is he will appeal. not even the yankees reportedly know how long his suspension is expected to be. however, team manager said he's got him in the line - up. >> he's in there. i'm going to play him. that's the latest situation. you'll probably hear about everything before i will. >> there are 14 players in all who face suspension by major league baseball after they were linked to an investigation of a miami clinic that indicated it had doled out prescription or performance enhancing drugs to some star players. rodriguez is among those. allegedly he was recruiting others and allegedly tampering with some of the evidence and the league is especially going hard on this case as it tries to protect the integrity of the game. again, tonight he'll be playing
4:39 am
here in chicago with the white sox. we'll have to see if he shows up. if he does, you know all eyes are going to be on him and all the cameras will be on him watching his every move throughout the game. reporting from chicago, anita padilla, back to you. >> steve: all right, the latest. meanwhile, an extreme weather alert. heavy rain shutting down the streets in some parts of kansas, so bad in some parts, even emergency vehicles couldn't pass by. in other place, residents enjoying a moment of relaxation in the rising water. the expected -- will they be seeing more -- look at that. will there be more storms out in the middle? let's check outside with maria molina. >> hey. good morning. absolutely. we are expecting more showers and more thunderstorms across sections of kansas. we picked up over six inches of rain over the weekend across the central part of the country and today, tomorrow, and even into your wednesday, you're still looking at the threat for more
4:40 am
heavy downpours. several more inches could be possible today and tomorrow. we're not just talking about flooding being a concern, but also severe weather. damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour and large hail anywhere across that area shaded in yellow, from parts of north dakota down into sections of kansas. temperature wise, a little bit feeling like fall out across sections of the great lakes into the northeast. right now only in the upper 50s, in chicago and cleveland. a little unusual for the month of august. then by the afternoon, 70s, from chicago to new york city, triple digits in texas. 103 the high in dallas and san antonio. let's head back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up, ever win a prize from the claw at your local arcade? you did? they're so hard to get. if government gets its way, you can say good-bye to that game forever. the latest regulation nation coming up next. >> tucker: that's just outrageous. welcome to game show week here on "fox & friends." we're kicking it off with a survey says, posted by louis
4:41 am
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4:44 am
>> steve: quick headlines for you. flying on jetblue is about to get a little nicer if you have some extra cash. discount care i didn't remember announcing they're going to add premium seats to some flights. it will feature lay flat beds, hot meals and free drinks. no word on how much the seats are going to cost, but you can figure a lot. a czech man legally won the right to wear a spaghetti strainer in his government i.d he claims he's a pastafariata devout member of the church of the flying spaghetti monster and that's why he gets the strainer.
4:45 am
all right. >> tucker: the movies may soon be the only place to find those arcade games we love if the government gets its way. the claw and its prizes may soon be illegal. joining us to explain this week's regulation nation is republican strategist nike neily. -- nicky neeley. welcome back. >> thank you. >> tucker: they're outlawing the claw in. >> the claw machines in ohio are very strictly regulated. every single machine in the state of ohio has to be inspected by someone in the ohio department of exposition. so there is someone in ohio whose job it is to play those games all day long. >> tucker: amazing. san francisco is regulating dog walkers. tell me about this.
4:46 am
>> yes. effective july 1, dog walkers need to get a license. they can either be grandfathered in if they've been a dog walker for three years or more or underdog 20 hours of classroom training or 40 hours of an apprenticeship. they need to pay for a dog walker license and there are rules governing how they walk dogs. you can have between four to eight. six is recommended. if you drive the dogs around in a car, your car has to be inspected. you have to have insurance, et cetera. >> tucker: it says here, safety equipment must be readily available. what kind of safety equipment is required to walk a dog? >> poop bags and band-aids and other things like that. >> tucker: insane! okay. turtle eggs and the f.d.a. fill us in. >> yeah. so america cares about turtles very much. so much so that if you're actually caught with turtles that have a shell of less than four inches or turtle egg, you have to destroy them in fronts of an f.d.a. official. that's how much we love turtles. officially this was to prevent the spread of turtle borne
4:47 am
salmonella. they're considering abolishing this policy. >> tucker: you have amused and horrified me simultaneously. thanks a lot for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> tucker: next up, welcome to game show week here on "fox & friends." today we're kicking it off with survey says, hosted by louis anderson. the team, me, steve and gretchen versus the ladies of "fox & friends" first. that's coming up. first on this day in 1983, "risky business" debuted on the big screen 30 years ago. ♪ good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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4:50 am
4:51 am
>> steve: today we're kicking off "fox & friends" great american game show week. day one, survey says, with famous game show host louis anderson! [ applause ] >> gretchen: all right! you're fresh off the show where you did a lot of diving. >> i did. my pants are soaking wet. [ laughter ] >> steve: so are mine. what are we going too do? >> right now we're going to play survey says. are you ready to play? >> steve: all right. >> 100 people surveyed. survey question, name something a woman would want as a gift -- >> wait. >> you won. i think you got it. do i read the rest of the question? i think i don't. >> steve: i don't think so either. the answer is flowers obviously. >> let's see if it's up there.
4:52 am
>> oh! >> are you ready to play? >> gretchen: name something a woman would want that men would never wants. >> that's right. >> a diamond! >> a diamond, let's see if it's up there! >> steve: go diamonds! [ cheering ] >> tucker, name something a woman would want as a gift that most men would never want. >> i would say lace underwear. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> let's see if it's up there! [ cheering ] >> steve: something that a woman would want as gift -- fancy vacation. >> let's see if it's up there. >> steve: wop, wop. >> all right, gretchen. name something a woman would
4:53 am
want that most men would never want. >> gretchen: dinner, a fancy dinner out. >> dinner! we love dinner! (buzzer). >> steve: tucker, it's all up to you. >> this means you'll be coming back as a guest host again. >> i would say perfume. >> steve: good. [ cheering ] >> gretchen: all right! >> there are two left. two strikes. name something a woman would want that as a gift that most men would never want. three seconds. >> steve: baseball bat. >> baseball bat. from the last season of "breaking bad." let's see if it's up there. (buzzer). >> gretchen: bummer! >> all right. go. what did you you die say. >> our answer is hands bag. >> handbag.
4:54 am
let's see if it's up there. for the win! [ cheering ] >> do another question? >> steve: why not? >> all right. >> i like both of you so much. ready? thank you, steve. >> gretchen: i'm nervous. >> are you? name something people try to get out of. who got it? go ahead, ainsley. >> a date? >> a date. let's see if it's up here. (buzzer). >> you got it again. >> gretchen: homework. >> let's see if it's up there. >> yes! >> does that count?
4:55 am
>> tucker: i read the "new york post" this morning, so i'm going to go with prenuptial agreement (buzzer). >> steve, name something people try to get out of. >> steve: jury duty. >> jury duty. >> tucker: nice. >> i smell a winner. [ cheering ] >> points are doubled. remember that. >> gretchen: exercise. >> exercise. >> steve: show us exercise! (buzzer) >> that was my number one. >> gretchen: me, too. >> tucker: traffic. >> steve: oh, boy. >> let's see if it's up there. >> you got it. >> steve: we don't have alex trebek blaming us. >> yeah, you'd be suing him. name something people try to get out of. >> steve: straight jackets!
4:56 am
>> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> you just want them to win, right? let's see if straight jacket is up there! (buzzer) >> gretchen: i'm going to say a marriage. engagement, marriage. >> let's see if it's up there. (buzzer). >> another chance for the win. >> people try to get out of jail? >> people try to get out of jail! >> at least when you're playing monopoly! [ cheering ] >> steve: that was a lot of fun. >> thank you. >> you guys did all the work and we come up with one answer and win. >> steve: that was fun. we'll have game show week all week. louis kicked things off. we're going to step inside, come
4:57 am
back in a couple of minutes with the latest on our top story. bret baier talks did -- >> here is the other question. try to get out of trouble, death, relationships. >> dates ve you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars." are...are... are... engineer: are... arrrrrr. arrrrr. someone bring me an eye patch, i feel like a bloomin' pirate. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. honestly, i feel like i nailed that.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's monday, august 5, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. fox news alert, it started as an unpress debted move, closing almost two u.s. embassies for a day. not two. closing at least two dozen. the threat and the reaction extended. the newest information on the biggest terror threat in a decade live from washington when bret baier joins us. >> steve: witnesses say he was out for blood and now we might know why. what new surveillance video shows moments before a driver plowed through a crowd on one of the country's busiest boardwalks. shocking. >> tucker: genuinely remarkable video, the heart stopping moment a bus driver gets sucked right
5:01 am
out of the window and guess what happens to him next? it's a miracle. we'll have it for you. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ shake it off ♪ ♪ my lips are saying good-bye ♪ but my eyes are finally dry ♪ i know what i need to do ♪ you try to kill me but i survive ♪ ♪ now i'm coming alive ♪ i will never be that girl
5:02 am
again ♪ ♪ no ♪ call me, call me ♪ call me ♪ i'm moving on ♪ . >> steve: today marks their first anniversary today. fifth harmony. this is the singing group put together by simon cowell and what they're doing here in new york city today, they're going to have five pop-up shows. this is the first one. if you're curious, today has been dubbed hash tag miss moving on monday. if you would like to track them on twitter and find out where they'll be in the final four appearances here in new york city. >> gretchen: they gave one away. it has to do with 555 madison. first they'll perform an entire song for us coming up in 50 minutes or so from now. they're the next big girl band.
5:03 am
>> steve: you hear them on the radio all the time. they're on bret baier's ipod, aren't they? >> of course they are. >> sure. >> steve: we got serious stuff to talk about. first the alert. there is a lot to talk about this morning regarding the terror threat. initially it was going to be a travel warning of one day. now they've expanded and will keep the ex basies closed through the week. there is a terror warning, travel alert for an entire month of august and now it looks like it's not a dress rehearsal as it's been described by senior officials. it looks like they're about to do something, al-qaeda, right? >> yeah. i've been talking to u.s. officials and we have numerous people talking to officials who have heard and seen some of this intelligence, that this is legitimate. they are being praised, the administration is, by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for the actions of closing these embassies and consulates and doing it quickly because they
5:04 am
believe that this intelligence is as specific and as great as far as the amount of it, chatter, since 9-11. and add all of this together and you have a picture where technically, according to the intelligence officials, it was supposed to go down yesterday. because it didn't, it was extended through the week and the question is, if it doesn't happen then, what happens then? >> gretchen: yeah. it's scary stuff. they're talking a lot of potential attacks. maybe bombs that have been put inside the bodies of particular people, which would be a whole new kind of a tactic. at the same time, you have interpol issuing a link between prison breakouts. we're talking about a lot. >> hundreds. hundreds. it's truly amazing the prison breakouts. we've been covering them individually. but when you put them all together, it's pretty significant, this al-qaeda-launched effort to break al-qaeda prisoners out
5:05 am
from afghanistan, iraq, libya, pakistan, and syria. this is only within the past two weeks. soon after that, this increased chatter started to happen that was picked up. specifically about celebrating and having a pr push after this big spectacular attack that was planned. you have a significant tie between the breakout of those al-qaeda people in those prisons and all of this right now. >> steve: sure. >> tucker: we saw reports this morning -- i don't know if they're true -- but national security advisor susan rice was one of the driving forces behind this decision to shutter these embassies and consulates, almost 30 now. this, according to reports, was a reaction against what happened in benghazi, a kinds of doover. do you think those reports are accurate? >> we've had three reporters who have talked to different people who have all said the same thing. so either that's exactly what's happening or this is what the administration wants to put out,
5:06 am
that's happening. and according to t reporting that we have, she is very concerned that this is benghazi all over again and does not want to -- was one of the driving force of closing all of these embassies behind the scenes. you have also, i should point out, these videos of display herery coming out and we're a few weeks away from september 11 anniversary. this is an active time for al-qaeda. one of the things that's not great in the administration's big picture is all of the talk about al-qaeda on the run or al-qaeda devastated. this does not -- >> gretchen: the one thing that's missing from that discussion is an election. that was pretty much a campaign slogan for president obama after osama bin laden was killed and many, many, many people listened to that slogan and thought wow, that's fantastic, al-qaeda is gone. now we have a situation like
5:07 am
we've never seen before. >> yeah. al-qaeda is different. you talk to any expert and he'll tell you that it's different. it's spread out. but it is lethal. it's very deadly and it might be even more so today. al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is very active terror branch. they're believed to be the ones behind this particular threat. if you're traveling, it's going to be a little bit slower. tsa is going to be a little bit longer. those line, especially internationally for this week, are going to be very long. >> steve: here is a flashback. a months before the election, here is the president saying al-qaeda, over. >> i said we'd refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9-11 and today al-qaeda is on the run and osama bin laden is dead. [ cheering ] >> steve: some of the critics of the president say, look, a statement like that, if you're al-qaeda over in the arabian peninsula and you saw that, you're going, wait a minute.
5:08 am
we're not on the run. we're emboldened. we're going to try something and maybe that's what's going on right now. >> yeah. definitely you talk to intelligence folks and they're very aware of what's happening in the u.s. politically, overseas, all of these terrorist groups mostly are paying attention to what's being said, what's being done. the issue about al-qaeda being dead really was never dead. while they were having success about drone attacks on the central leadership, there is always these branches that have been very, very active. >> gretchen: but al zahiri has never been found. >> that's true. and he's still putting out messages. in fact, he's far more active than osama bin laden ever was in trying to micromanage al-qaeda overall. >> steve: that's one guy still on the list, we got to get him. bret, thank you very much. we'll watch your program ten hours from right now right here on the fox news channel.
5:09 am
>> thanks. >> gretchen: your headlines. a u.s. military helicopter crashes at the american military bass in okinawa. smoke and flames can be seen. originally there was concern a crew member was missing. but fox news learned the crew member was taken to the hospital. the three other people on board all survived after ejecting. no word on anyone's condition. the hh 60 rescue chopper was on some sort of training mission. an arrest made in the hit and run that killed a new bride on her honeymoon. you can see the suspect getting into his car and taking off. another camera captures the car speeding through the crowds and people jumping to get out of the way. the suspect turned himself in two hours later. he's charged with suspicion of murder, being held on $1 million bail. his motive is unclear, but witnesses say he was driving to kill. >> i looked down and i see this car driving through like there is a girl latched on to the hood of the car and he is swerving
5:10 am
and he knocks the girl off of the car and then he's just like running into crowds of hundreds of people and going out of his way to hit people. >> gretchen: the woman killed in that i want, a honeymoon prosecutor italy, 32-year-old alice, was married just last month. her husband suffered minor injuries. new video just in to fox. this is out of louisiana where a train carrying hazardous material derailed, forcing the evacuation of nearly 100 homes. a rail car which leaked hazardous material. governor jindal rushed to the scene last night. >> right now the evacuation remains in place. they will return when it's safe. we'll do escorted entries where they'll help people go back if they left animals or prescriptions. >> gretchen: the leak is small. air pollution detectors are not picking up traces of the chemical in the air. live look in london where scientists are moments away from debuting the first so-called frankenburger? it's the world's first test tube
5:11 am
burger. it will definitely leave you asking, where is the beef? the burger is made entirely from cattle stem cells grown in a lab. it took researchers five years to develop it. today is the first public taste test. the price tag to develop it? only $300,000. those are your headlines. >> steve: $300,000. i got a coupon. >> tucker: medium wear with cheddar bacon. >> gretchen: does it have a beef base to it? >> gretchen: it's not appetite induceing. sounded gross. >> steve: we'll keep you posted on that. straight ahead, 11 minutes after the top of the hour, the heart stopping moment a bus driver got sucked through the window. good news, he survived. what else happened? we've got details. >> tucker: and what happens to our war hero when they come back from the front lines and head to college? our next guest, a student and a
5:12 am
veteran says they're being left to fail. he's making it his mission to make sure that changes. be right [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. american express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually... there's no annual fee and no limits on rewards.
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5:15 am
uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. >> tucker: they're young people putting their lives on the line for america every day working to insure our freedoms. but an alarming new study finds when they get home, they're not getting the help they need in many cases. a report by the center for investigative reporting found that out of 150 colleges with large numbers of iraq and afghanistan veterans, only four center health center services designed for veterans. more amazing, the department of veterans affairs says there are no plans to improve or expand upon that number. joining us is current city college of san francisco student and army veteran, daniel.
5:16 am
thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: this came to your attention when you say you felt the need for these services. tell us what happened. >> well, i was in an english class one morning and i am an active duty veteran, was in the 4th infantry division in the army, 2003 through 2004. i was 19. i saw a young boy killed by an insurgent and that kind of thing really -- it sticks with you. came up in class. we were talking about insurgencies and civilian casualtyies and i started having panic attacks and symptoms of posttraumatic stress and working at the city college with the veterans, i knew that we had a v.a. satellite there. i went directly to them and they had a clinician to who i could just walk right in, sat down,
5:17 am
started talking with him and basically alleviated my stress. this is something that kind of is unheard of in other schools. >> tucker: apparently city college of san francisco is one of a very few schools with those kind of services available. were you surprised to learn that? why do you think that is, given the number of returning veterans who are enrolling in colleges? >> sure. i was. i was actually shocked. being a reporter who broke that in his article and seeing that there were so few of them, yet -- i mean, this is a huge opportunity for the v.a. to kind of get involved with other universities and things like that. the reason why? probably, in my opinion, you got two large bureaucracies between university system and the v.a. system, and there is not necessarily a spark to ignite
5:18 am
that. sometimes you just need that person, like we've got dr. keith armstrong who works for the v.a. in many health and outreach, but also the director of psychology at the university of san francisco, so he kind of knows both of those beasts. he came together and made those two bureaucracies work. then with the help of the support of the city college of san francisco's football coach and other private donators, they were able to build us a huge lounge. they were able to build this satellite office and i don't think other schools necessarily know how to do that yet. there is not that one person or that group to go hey, your school could really use this. of course, it takes two to tango. the school might come out and say, hey, v.a, you guys should join us because it would look good fort schools. all of these veterans getting out in the next couple years could say, hey, what does your
5:19 am
school have to offer us? so priority registration and maybe early book loans, they could say, well, we've got a v.a. satellite here in case you have any issues or your family does. you can come in, you don't have to drive 45 minutes to an hour away to the nearest v.a. you don't have to call and get on hold with a machine. they're directly there. it's not like the kids are getting master degrees to help us out. these are professional clinicians there with ph.d.'s and a lot of experience, lot of good people. >> tucker: the first step is bringing to the public's attention and you are doing that and i know your fellow veterans are grateful. >> with your help and i appreciate it. >> tucker: thank you. coming up, the earth is opening up and no one can stop it. the sinkhole is getting bigger and bigger by the moment. could it happen in your neighborhood? then, did you see this time magazine cover? its message, having it all means not having kids.
5:20 am
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>> steve: quick headlines for you. he was set to die by lethal injection. this coming wednesday. but just three days before the date, a death row inmate hanged himself in his cell. billy slagle was given the death penalty for stabbing his neighbor in fronts of two children in 1989. he was recently denied a retrial. now he's dead. could yankees third baseman alex rodriguez be banned from
5:24 am
baseball for using performance enhancing drugs? we're hours away from the ruling. but they could still have a rod in their line - up against the white sox. his attorneys have said they will appeal any suspension. the drama. gretchen? >> gretchen: the latest cover of time magazine stirring up controversy with its headline. the child free life when having it all means not having children. the article suggest has growing number of couples are choosing not to have kids in order to pursue their career, hobbies and lead a more fulfilling life. is that sending a wrong message? joining me for a fair and balanced debate, jen singer and mother of five and author of girl at the end of the world, elizabeth esther. good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i'm going to give you a chance to give me your opinion about that magazine cover. it is kind of eliciting a different point of view. you both disagree with one another. what do you think first, jen? >> my feeling is that we are not
5:25 am
a selfish society. if you choose not to have children, there is a good reason for it. this ain't your mother's motherhood. now adays kids have access with one click to porn in their pockets on their cell phones. it's a much more difficult time to raise kids and if that's not in your blood, then fine. you don't need to do it. >> gretchen: elizabeth? >> i think i agree. not everyone needs to or should have children. however, the cover of time article is definitely sending a message that rather than serve your fellow man and do good, lounge around on the beach, enjoy your life. there isn't anything more meaningful than taking care of yourself apparently and just have a good time. there is no need -- it's interesting 'cause it used to be that our society valued self-sacrifice and now it seems that that has shi all about self-gratification and
5:26 am
self-indulgent vacation. >> gretchen: what about, though, if people are making that choice because they know they won't be good parents? jen? >> i think that's great choice to make if it's not something that's in their blood. it's hard enough to be a parent when you want to do it, when you're having 600 consecutive sleepless nights 'cause you have colicky babies or because the kids are running outside with duct tape and a rope and you wonder where they're going. >> gretchen: we've all been there. i have some friends who have chosen not to have kids. it's their personal choice. i think that maybe we're just in an era now where women have more opportunities. that could also be part of it. but one thing that struck me in this, elizabeth, was -- this will be controversial to say this -- but the people who are choosing most like not to have children are highly educated women. your thoughts? >> yeah. i think that's definitely interesting. i think it's actually kind of sad 'cause those are the kind of people that we want to be having children to raise good citizens, to raise children who are going
5:27 am
to give back to society and make a wonderful impact on our world. the message there is that no, you don't really need to do that. i think it's interesting that we -- it's fine not to have children 'cause it's hard work, 'cause there is going to be sleepless nights, i mean, that's not the message. >> gretchen: one other glaring thing that's missing from this discussion, men. it's almost stereotypic to be talking to women about this topic because men do is a part in creating children. and one of the biggest problems in society right now is fatherlessness. right, jen? >> yeah. i think if you read the article, you'll see the reasons they focused on women is because the presumption is that we have clicking biological clocks, whereas men can give birth -- or have children long into life. i think that's part of it.
5:28 am
there are fathers as there are mothers and we need both. but if it's not for you, don't do it. >> gretchen: obviously so much to discuss here. it's very controversial topic, but one we hope we handled in a fair and balanced way. good to see you both. coming up on our show, shocking video. the moment a bus driver -- watch this. sucked right out of that car window and survived luckily and a few weeks ago, this little puppy couldn't even stand up because his muscles weren't working. it's calmed swimmer's syndrome. now look at him. meet little mick. hear his amazing story of recovery coming up. ♪ with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh!
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5:32 am
>> gretchen: so i was away for a little while and i was enjoining some time with my family and then i headed to albuquerque, new mexico, to try something new. always good to challenge yourself. i did something tough. i shot a part in a movie called "persecuted" which will be coming out in january. this is a scene that i shot. you can see the gentleman with his back -- >> steve: talking about your motivation. >> gretchen: this is during a huge cliff hanger in the movie. i can't tell you what happens, but there is murder, politics. there is a christian-based theme to it. that's james reamer who is the main actor and one of the major scenes at the beginning of the movie, i am interviewing him in sort of a "60 minutes" kinds of
5:33 am
setting with it's a tough interview. he's an evangelist who is then later -- later finds himself in a bit of difficulty. the director on this, writer, producer, daniel lusko, that's him there. this has been his dream for the last couple of years. it's finally coming to fruition. and hopefully it will come out in january. i want to thank them all for treating me so well. this is inside my trailer. i had my family pictures up on the mirror as inspiration for trying something new and i have to tell you how difficult this is to do. i think people who watch "fox & friends" would say, oh, my gosh, i don't know how you guys do that. but i have to tell you, i don't know how people do that. it's really hard to memorize all the lines and it's a totally different craft. you gain appreciation for people and their special talents and actors are just totally different from tv hosts. but great challenge for me. >> steve: fantastic. another line for your resume. movie star. >> tucker: i'll be buying popcorn and milk duds. >> gretchen: bring your wallet. it's expensive.
5:34 am
>> tucker: i know. now to your headlines from fox news. aaron hernandez's uncle killed in a moped crash. he was not wearing a helmet when he crashed and thrown off the bike. he's the second relative of hernandez since the murder investigation against him began. hernandez will be back in court later this month. >> gretchen: is this like a scene out of a movie. 13 armed swat members storm a wisconsin animal shelter to shoot and kill giggles. that's that young off and on there. looks like back bee. why? apparently he didn't have a permit. earlier we spoke to ray, who witnessed that shooting. >> there was like nine actual dnr agents and three or four deputy sheriffs with them. they led me up front to the break area and where everybody
5:35 am
else was already there. they wouldn't let us use cell phones. they wouldn't let us talk to each other. they wouldn't let us -- >> gretchen: according to the law enforcement, white tailed deer, according to the law, they can't be held without proper permits. the operation raising questions about the use of government resources. the department of national resources released a statement saying in part, our staff took precautions to keep everyone safe as they executed the required search warrant. >> steve: the video of the day, a terrifying crash caught on camera when a truck slams into a tourist bus. watch. >> steve: oh, my goodness. the impact of the crash so strong, you see the driver is literally sucked out of the window by gravity as the bus starts to roll down an embankment. the bus was reversing down a highway in china after missing an exit when the semi slammed into them at a high speed.
5:36 am
the bus driver survived burks the truck driver died. 23 passengers on board the bus also injured. what a story. >> tucker: 12-year-old jeopardy contestants saying he was cheated after he loses final jeopardy for what some are saying is a pretty minor spelling mistake. >> because he misspelled it badly, he put a p in there. that's unfortunate. the judges are ruling against you. >> tucker: thomas ended up in second place. he could have won if the judge didn't rule against him. those judges have let spelling mistakes go through in the past. fans are defending him. here are some of your response. one says, i always thought jeopardy was an ask and answer program. not a spelling bee. >> steve: if he would have had worst handwriting, maybe they
5:37 am
couldn't have been able to tell. >> gretchen: let's go outside and see what the weather prescription is on tap for today. >> good morning. i actually have a little special guest here with me right now. this is missy blue, a boxer mix, up for adoption. a little bit on the cool side out here and a little uncomfortable, as soon as we're done with the weather report, i'm going to give her some breakfast back inside. let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country today because we're locking like it's going to be a stormy day across sections of the plains. showers and thunderstorms expected anywhere from parts of montana, north dakota, all the way down into sections of kansas and we are also looking at the risk for damaging winds and rge hail with some of the thunderstorms and an isolated tornado risk. otherwise temperature, fall across sections of the great lakes and northeast. right now 64 degrees in new york city. low 60s in cleaver lands and chicago -- cleveland and chicago. as we head into the afternoon, we'll be looking at highs into
5:38 am
the 70s. steve, gretchen and tucker, i'm going to head inside and keep misty blue nice and warm. >> steve: that's nice. you've got a dog and we've got a dog. thanks. meet mick, a puppy with a rough beginning. he was born with a birth defect called puppy swimmer syndrome. it causes his legs to splay out to the sides. he can't sit or stand or walk. most puppies born with this disease are put down because it costs a lot of money to rehab them if they're successful. folks with the mia foundation were asked to take in the six week old boston terrier from oklahoma and they agreed to take him at their place in rochester. >> gretchen: they started with swimming lessons and this is the first time he has ever used his legs. after being muscle, his legs were taped together to get used to being in that position. then he takes his first steps. the video has gone viral with half a million hits on youtube. >> tucker: he's right here on the curvy couch and the woman who has been helping him, sue rogers, founder of the mia
5:39 am
foundation. thank you for joining us. he looks so happy. you would never know that dog had anything wrong with him. >> yeah. he's a happy boy. >> steve: i watched the video. in the beginning, when he is suffering with what is referred to as swimmer puppy syndrome, it's heart breaking. >> it was heart breaking. they basically lay flat. just like this. they can't walk. they can't sit. they just lay there. >> gretchen: what do you do to help them? >> the first thing i did was wrapped him really tight. i wanted to get his shoulders and his hips into the proper position. then we had x-rays down to make sure that everything was normal, everything was. and then we started with swimming. he had -- we had to build his muscle. >> steve: there is the harness that you used. >> then we did those hanging sessions because when we houston him, his legs went into the proper position. we did swimming about four times a day. >> gretchen: that builds the muscle? it builds the -- >> the swimming was more for the muscle.
5:40 am
>> steve: the taping? >> was for the correct position. the first time i stood him up and he was a little wobbly and he fell over, that almost seemed cruel. but each day -- >> steve: you got this dog when? >> he came to me july 17. >> steve: so you've only had him a couple of weeks. would you like to hear right here on the red carpet, show us the progress that mick is doing? >> yes. i'd love to. >> steve: let's move him on over. >> hey, buddy. >> steve: that is amazing. a little slippery. does he know there is a corner? >> yeah. >> gretchen: that's almost as tall as he is. >> tucker: are you keeping him? >> no. mick will go up for adoption. >> steve: that is amazing. >> tucker: you're putting him up for adoption? >> i don't think you'll have any trouble. >> we've gotten several e-mails. >> gretchen: like 5,000. >> yeah, like 5,000. [ laughter ] >> steve: you've rehabbed him. is he in any pain? >> no. he's a normal, happy little puppy now. >> gretchen: tell us more about
5:41 am
mia foundation and what brings your heart to do this. >> the mia foundation was started after we lost our chihuahua, mia, to -- she had complications from a cleft pallate. there is not a lot of information about dogs born with birth defects, any animal. they usually get euthanized. so after we lost mia, we tried so hard to save her. we had a lot of knowledge about certain conditions. we wanted to share that. >> steve: if folks would like to help you, do you have a web site? >> and we also share daily updates and videos on all of the animals on our facebook page. which is loveformiacleftpal latechihuahua. >> steve: what a wonderful thing you've done. changed his life. >> tucker: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: we're all melting, but we got to pick ourselves up and continue with the show. drive without a license, use a fake i.d.? no problem. the state that's making a big change and going easy on crime. >> tucker: first here is fifth
5:42 am
harmony with "me and my girls." ♪ we play our secret songs ♪ ♪ we scream our own day long ♪ like ooo, oh ♪ i don't understand a word you say ♪ ♪ but then karaoke all the day day ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ you have to let me know [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> tucker: quick headlines. driving without a license or using a fake i.d. no longer a problem in los angeles. the l.a.p.d bumping down charges for those
5:46 am
crimes and 89 others to infractions. so they won't be on their record. they hope it will save money. new video of a massive sinkhole in western kansas and it's still growing. officials are warning people to stay away from it. right now it's 90 feet deep and 200 feet across. which officially is huge. steve? >> steve: it is. thank you very much. 19 u.s. embassies across the middle east remain closed due to chatter of an al-qaeda terror threat. officials say there is still it -- they're unclear about specifics of an attack. here is congressman peter king of new york. >> the assumption is it's probably most likely to happen in the middle east at or about one of the embassy, but there is no guarantees of that at all. it could basically be europe, the united states, a series of combined attacks. >> steve: great. but has warning about terrorism now become a substitute for winning the war? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us live.
5:47 am
>> we hope not, steve. it appears to be so. the administration officials and kind of off the record comments, we're learning the lessons of benghazi. lesson of benghazi are fortification and to provide military back up for your state department and c.i.a. officials. it's not to say oh, we told you that it was going to happen of the we gave you warning, and then we pulled the cover over our heads and pulled the shade down and closed our facilities. i think -- and it's difficult to second guess. we don't have the information that the white house has. but has this become the new norm? as a substitute for winning the war on terrorism, for being ahead of these folks, we now say we're going to close this installation and close this facility, this embassy, this consulate. what's next? do we close the washington monument? do we close national parks? do we close malls in america? we say we're on high alert.
5:48 am
we're defining this down in a way that says to the world, we're not a super power anymore and we're a little bit afraid. >> steve: peter, excellent point. i think a lot of people are disappointed because last year during the campaign, we heard that bin laden is dead and gm is alive. that al-qaeda has been decimated and now we know that's not right. >> it's absolutely wrong. and we did this a couple times. i think we did it together, we pointed towards the map of northern africa and the middle east where there were new al-qaeda strongholds and we know day after day, there are new al-qaeda strongholds. donald trump talked about this massive jail break where people are being released in the middle east. it's a very tough situation. we've got to stay strong as americans. we've got to continue with our resolve. i guess this is the best we can do to protect our facilities and our employees at this time. but it seems to be kind of a lack luster, strange way to do it.
5:49 am
henry iv said discretion is the better part of valor. when does discretion and retreat become the same thing? >> steve: excellent point. >> i'm not happy about it. >> steve: stand by for that. peter, thank you. moving on, when we return, fifth harmony performs live as they sign autographs outside on our plaza. first let's check in with bill hemmer for what happens. >> how are you doing? >> steve: doing okay. >> i loved the segment on survey says. the latest on the embassy warnings. what we're learning already today. one senator saying al-qaeda is on steroids. also is congress changing the rules for congress when it comes to obamacare? america's pastime is about to have a moment in time. we expect to know today what happens to some of baseball's best. that's coming up in ten minutes on "america's newsroom." [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event
5:50 am
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5:53 am
>> steve: here they are, ladies and gentlemen, fifth harmony! ♪ ♪ my eyes are finally dry ♪ i'm not the way that i used to be ♪ ♪ to kill me but i survived ♪ now i'm coming alive ♪ i'll never be that girl again ♪ ♪ no, i will never be that girl again ♪ ♪ no ♪ ♪ call me, call me, call me
5:54 am
♪ let's move it on ♪ oh, oh ♪ let's move it on ♪ oh, oh ♪ yeah ♪ i broke the glass around me ♪ i ain't the way you remember me ♪ ♪ i was such a good girl ♪ so fragile but no more ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll never be that girl again ♪ ♪ no, i'll never be that girl again ♪ ♪ no ♪ my heart is going strong
5:55 am
♪ call me, call me, call me ♪ let's move it on ♪ everything it turning around ♪ i never want to go back to the way it was ♪ ♪ i'm finding who emand who i am from here on out is going to be enough ♪ ♪ it's gonna be enough ♪ i'll never be the girl again ♪ no ♪ i'll never be that girl again ♪ ♪ oh ♪ my heart is going strong ♪ call me, call me, call me ♪ let's move it on ♪ oh, oh ♪ let's move it on
5:56 am
♪ oh, oh ♪ let's move it on ♪ oh, oh ♪ let's move it on ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ i'm moving on [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much lac-lac-lac. !
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> steve: we made history today with our first ever episode of game show week on "fox & friends." tomorrow chuck woolery will join us. he's famous for also love connection." >> gretchen: we're going to play is that? >> tucker: and making amazing bachelors. >> gretchen: also we had fifth harmony here!
6:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> they're going to perform again in our after the show show, soloing on to "fox & friends" if you want to hear some more music. >> thank you all for joining us today on fox and friends. what's your favorite morning hoe? show? bill: good fun on a monday. good morning, everybody. fox news alert al-qaeda said to be planning something big and spectacular. nineteen u.s. embassies and diplomatic posts throughout the muslim world will stay closed this week. some could be shuttered even longer. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer live here in "america's newsroom." she's come back for more pain and punishment. patti ann: not at all. i'm in for martha maccallum today, and senior u.s. officials say the intelligence is specific, and it points to terrorists setting off surgically-implanted devices. former cia director michael hayden says closing the embassies could be more than just caution. >> well, that's the cost of

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